I often get questions regarding why the prices that are sent to the online store (Commerce server) from Dynamics AX by the Sitecore synchronization console are incorrect. In almost all cases this is due to prices not being setup in Dynamics AX correctly.

The Sitecore synchronization applications, whether it is the console application, the windows service or the Sitecore tasks, simply make calls to the standard Dynamic AX for Retail commerce runtime or CRT to retrieve all product related information including prices. There is no custom Sitecore specific business logic that is executed as part the SCpbMD synchronization.

Therefore, whatever price the CRT returns for the item is what you will get in the online store. So, the question is, how do I check this?

You can use either the Enterprise or Modern POS to look up the price for an item. This will only make sense if you are expecting the exact same price in your brick and mortar stores as in the online stores.


However, the preferred option is to use the pricing simulator in Dynamics AX to simulate the prices that will be returned by the CRT and returned the Sitecore synchronization applications.

  1. Open the Dynamics AX client and navigate to Retail > Inquiries > Pricing simulator
  2. Enter a name for the simulation and select the channel id for your online store.
  3. Add a new line for your item and or variant and the price will be retrieved as per the screen shot below.

More blog entries will follow detailing how pricing works in the Sitecore commerce powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX product and the customization options available.