If you are starting a Sitecore commerce project you are probably looking at at the numerous approaches to import a catalog and keep it in sync. After going through a number of Sitecore commerce projects over the last few years I’ve seen this being done in numerous ways by different teams. Everyone gets it done in the end but I always thought its pretty inefficient (and expensive) for every project to reinvent the wheel each time.

I’ve been meaning to put something together to help the community take a standardized approach to this very common and what should be a simple task. Unfortunately I’ve been a little busy and haven’t had time to take my head out of the weeds and do something about it, well, no longer!

The Catalog Synchronizer framework is a project that was created to establish an integration pattern and most of the plumbing required to support both a push or pull of catalog items into the system. I’m hoping teams can use it as a solid jumping off point for integrating and migrating catalog data into Sitecore commerce.

Please feel free to create pull requests and or issues to let me know how it can be improved. Let me know if you will be (or are thinking about) using it on your project.